Food FREEdom Video Course

An 8-Week Comprehensive Course to Food Freedom

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This is a course for those of you who have had ENOUGH of dieting by food restriction and the endless cycle of losing and re-gaining weight. You are ready to make peace with food and move on with your life while enjoying things you love! In other words- NEVER DIET AGAIN!

This 8-video, self-paced, comprehensive course will teach you how to:

  • Know your pre-disposed body type
  • Understand the diet life cycle
  • Recognize your body's hunger, energy and cravings
  • Have unconditional permission to eat all foods
  • Buck the "eat less, exercise more" belief
  • Have more satisfaction in food while still maintaining a sustainable lifestyle AND weight
  • Never fall into the All or Nothing pattern with food again

What you will get:

> A username and password to the course portal

>8 Comprehensive video lessons that you can watch at your own pace (recommended one a week and practicing the lessons)

>Access to a closed FB Accountability Group for breakfast check-ins and Q&A

>Access to 2 of Nicki's most popular webinars on Weekend Eating and Intuitive Eating 101

>One 45 minute phone call with me to ask any questions regarding the course (you will be provided the link to schedule a call upon checkout) **OPTIONAL AT HIGHER PRICE.

Your Instructor

Nicki Wilson
Nicki Wilson

After working in the health & fitness business for over 15 years and working with hundreds of women, I became disillusioned with the methods of the health industry.

I saw the pattern over and over that the old calories/calories out method (that we have all been engrained with) is not only false, but also counter-productive. So many clients of mine were losing weight only to gain it right back the moment they returned to their normal behavior. This happens almost every single time.

I began researching and digging deeper into science and studies and as it turns out, 98% of intentional weight loss cannot be kept off-science proves this over and over. Yet, we still buy into the notion that we should shrink our bodies. And when we cannot, we feel like a failure and begin reaching for the next quick fix. Thus the diet cycle continues.

Enough was enough! I created Fit & FREE to set women free from the chains of diet culture and food & body obsession. In other words, no more dieting. Ever.

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