Fit & FREE Monthly

Monthly guidance to sustainable, long-term fat loss and health!

Diet and Exercise for your health, they say...

But here's the thing. We have conditioned ourselves to do it WRONG.

80% of women say they have tried more than 25 diets by the time they are 35. If this is the case, then WHY do when continue to go on them?

Because they work...

Until they don't.

Until you are burnt out from the strict guidelines.

Until you get tiredAF of eating the same stuff every day and leaving out stuff you actually enjoy.

Until you realize that the diet has ZERO percent adherence due to your actual stage in life.

A busy, mom-of-3, has VERY different needs for her lifestyle than a 25 year old, single woman.

Just facts.

In Fit & FREE monthly, I am going to teach you a better, more sustainable way to never diet again.

  • No restriction- we fit foods you love in
  • Proper calorie deficit or calorie maintenance teaching
  • Learn to prioritize protein & make life easy
  • De-bunk many food myths we have learned in our life time

This is an on-going, long-game! Nothing sexy, just the stuff that works.

Exercise More Effectively.

I am going to teach you about the fountain of youth: MUSCLE.

Muscle is the only metabolically active tissue in the body- we NEED more of it. Especially as we age.

Trust me, I was a cardio junkie for years, and after babies in my mid thirties, I saw that my body was no longer responding to my long-ace cardio sessions. I needed muscle. And at almost 42-years old, I am stronger than ever!

You will have access in Fit & FREE Monthly to the most effective, progressive strength training available, as well as body weight strength workouts.

Additionally, I make walking a KEY element to sustainable fat loss. You can do it anywhere, anytime and it is programmed into this monthly membership. WE LOVE WALKING TOGETHER (well, virtually, of course!).

In the FIRST MONTH of Fit & FREE Monthly, you will learn how to:

  • Successfully lose your first 5 pounds by being in a HEALTHY calorie deficit
  • Incorporate at least 2 daily habits that will get you big, long-term results
  • Have nearly un-limited support of Nicki and other members to help you reach your goals

Let's do this!!

Your Instructor

Nicki Wilson
Nicki Wilson

I am a mama to 3 beautiful kiddos, a wife to my high school sweetie and a woman on a MISSION to set women FREE! I have been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. My driving force as of late, is working with women on accepting their bodies without resignation by working out and eating metabolically smarter. AND ALSO...helping women figure out what ignites a fire within them! Basically, obsessing less over their bodies and obsessing more over their amazing lives!

Course Curriculum

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  Fit & FREE Workbook (goes with food FREEdom videos)
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  RECORDED GROUP CALLS (WATCH! Because you never know what you might learn...)
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  SUGGESTED CALENDAR FOR WORKOUTS (*Just a mere suggestion, btw)
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  How to Cancel Your Membership
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?
If you are unsatisfied with your coaching, there is no refund, HOWEVER you can CANCEL AT ANYTIME you wish.
How do I get access to the information?
Once you purchase, you will create a log-in and password. MAKE SURE TO SAVE THIS, because you will want to log-in frequently! All information and videos will be housed in the membership portal.
Is there an additional place for group member to interact?
YES! There is also a FB group where we will keep up with each other, but it's totally optional!

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