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An 8-Week Comprehensive Course to Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting and Body Obsession

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Here's the thing:

We have ALL fallen prey to "Diet Culture". Actually, we are ENGRAINED in it, so much so, that it is hard for us to even see beyond it. We have been told all our lives as women that "HEALTH" is a size. And that small. And young. And white. We are told that we need to be "back to our pre-baby weight", "back to our pre-college size", or "back into our pre-injury shape." Notice a pattern? Diet culture is constantly tell us to...shrink and time travel.

Well, I am done with that BS.

What Diet Culture DOESN'T tell us, is that we are all pre-disposed to being a certain size. Some of us have small bodies, some of us will always have larger bodies. Diet Culture doesn't take into account that we all have NORMAL & abnormal hormonal shifts as we age. Diet culture also misses a HUGE piece of the puzzle...the fact that we can all be healthy at every size.

In this course, I will teach & empower you on how to FUEL your body with macro nutrients {protein, carbs and fats}, eat intuitively and perform fat-burning, strength-building workouts. We will STOP the restrict-binge-failure cycle of dieting and learn to work WITH our bodies with better, more metabolically-effective workouts.


  • Access to me via Voxer app for coaching and guidance
  • A Log-in to the Fit & FREE Portal
  • 12 Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building Workouts (with video demos)
  • A PDF with Workouts & Scheduling (Periodization style)
  • Access to a SECRET FB Group for Community and Accountability
  • 8 Food FREEdom Video Lessons for Learning Intuitive, Sustainable Eating
  • 5 Body Acceptance Video Trainings and Assignments
  • Weekly Q&A Inside the FB Group


  • Women who are exhausted by the diet-cycle of losing and gaining weight
  • Women who are ready to quit the Restrict-Binge-Failure cycle
  • Women who want to try sustain a healthy weight for life
  • Women who are ready to embrace that you can be healthy at any size (anti-diet culture message)
  • Women who are ready to be introspective and try another way
  • Women who want to have more Body Acceptance and Self Love
  • Women who are willing to have a long-term, "marathon" mentality regarding health & fitness and weight loss
  • Women who are beginner/intermediate fitness levels


  • Women who are wanting strict meal plans
  • Women wanting a quick, rapid weight-loss system
  • Women unwilling to try a new way of sustainable eating
  • Women who want a "one-size-fits-all" approach to the way they eat
  • Women who wanting an advanced, hardcore fitness program

Please only sign up for this course if you are committed to 8 weeks of learning new tools, being introspective and vulnerable and are willing to participate and make changes to get the maximum results-which is to become Fit & FREE for life!

Your Instructor

Nicki Wilson
Nicki Wilson

I am a mama to 3 beautiful kiddos, a wife to my high school sweetie and a woman on a MISSION to set women FREE! I have been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. My driving force as of late, is working with women on accepting their bodies without resignation by working out and eating metabolically smarter. AND ALSO...helping women figure out what ignites a fire within them! Basically, obsessing less over their bodies and obsessing more over their amazing lives!

Course Curriculum

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  Fit & FREE Companion Workbook (use along with the video for the week!)
Available in days
days after you enroll

I hope to join you in your journey to smarter, more sustainable health and fitness!

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