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Crazy Confidence Club: Mastermind and Coaching

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This coaching club and mastermind is for women who want to make a difference in people's lives, up-level their online business, and start making more money to live the lifestyle they dream of having!

What you get:

  • 6 months of Business Strategy Coaching from Nicki Wilson within a group of like-minded women in the online business industry.
  • A log-in and password to a protected site with all archived information
  • Monthly one-on-one strategy calls with Nicki
  • Monthly group Zoom accountability call with the entire group
  • Monthly topical, business-focused webinars
  • Access to a private FB Group to share ideas, questions and review info with fellow members
  • Additional recorded interviews with other's in the industry with relevant insight, tips and tools
  • 2 in-person Mastermind meet-ups in Waco, TX (one in October and one in February) where we will hear from professionals, brainstorm and intently work on getting to the next-level together. (this is OPTIONAL, but *HIGHLY* RECOMMENDED). *Travel expenses and lodging is a personal responsibility. Meals will be provided.


  • Women who have an online business (service, product or MLM)
  • Women who are ready to level-up in their business
  • Women willing to put in the work to see hard work come to fruition
  • Women ready to stop playing around with a side-gig and ready to be taken seriously
  • Women who want to be more confident in the way she presents herself
  • Women who want to be surrounded and collaborate with other like-minded women
  • Women able to commit to putting in 10+ hours of work/week implementing what they learn
  • Women who can commit to 6-months of a financial and personal-growth investment

Who Crazy Confidence is NOT FOR:

  • Women who do not like high-level accountability
  • Women not willing to implement ideas and strategies
  • Women who are easily overwhelmed and make excuses
  • Women who are not ready to commit to taking a side-gig into a steady income
  • Women not willing to admit they do not know what they do not know

I am so so so excited to take you all to the next level! Ya'll ready? Let's do this!!

Your Instructor

Nicki Wilson
Nicki Wilson

Here's my swaggy bio (haha!):

For years I toyed with a "side gig". I would get very motivated and be on a roll with blogging and content creation. I would blog and create and feel on top of the world that I was about the CHANGE. PEOPLE'S. LIVES. It would take me waaaaay to long to get all the things tied together, I relied on unreliable people to help me pull it all together, and months later I would be ready to put my stuff out to the masses.

Then...crickets. I would get two or three bites. And make literally a tinnnnny fraction of what it cost me to create. Defeated and feeling like a failure, I would disappear for a while until I had another big idea.

It was never my content that was bad. It was my lack of knowledge on how to sell it.

I operated like that for YEARS. Until I FINALLY decided to actually 1.) Admit that I did not know what I did not know (ie. how to grow an email list, create quality content and market EFFECTIVELY). 2.) Invest in someone who knew more than me and could walk me through the harder parts and help me stick with it.

Within 18 months I was making more money than at my last job and feeling like a contributor to my family's lifestyle.

And I want to teach you how to do the same.

I am so excited to work with you to stop DREAMING and start DOING.

Get started now!